The 4-1-1…

I haven’t posted for a while. But I’ve been a little busy… battling with crippling depression etc. If you’re patient I’ll get into my little life. But today, we chill. I am so tired and I’m tired of being tired. I just want to float into an abyss of nothingness. We can only dream.


First things first…

I am the product of my creators. So, I am at no fault for how I acted all the way up until I was… Let’s say 15. At 15, I guess I started making my own choices. Good for me right? You see, 15 was when I decided to run away from my crappy life. Thinking that my placement on the planet would make my life better. It doesn’t, just so we’re clear. You can get rid of one bully, but another one just comes along and takes their place. It’s a vicious circle and it’s hard being the nice guy in a cruddy neighbourhood. I think there is a sign on my head. One just like a Woolies (an Australian supermarket) reusable bag, i guess my motto was: “Use me again and again”.

New to the area.

Let me give you all the run down. Firstly, g’day. Australian born here. Not much going on in my little life. But I’m sure it’s enough for someone to read and go “WTF?!” Well, that’s the ultimate goal anyway. I am sure there will be many grammatical errors and maybe a few spelling mistakes. Honestly, who cares? If I’m too illiterate, jog on. I just want to write this shit out… can i say shit? Not sure, but i did. If i write this uh.. “stuff” out. It won’t be constantly stuck in my head. It won’t just be my thoughts playing over and over again – I’ll be passing it on for you suckers to worry about. Heck, i might even get a few hours sleep at night. Whatever helps really. What better therapist than the internet? ✌