New to the area.

Let me give you all the run down. Firstly, g’day. Australian born here. Not much going on in my little life. But I’m sure it’s enough for someone to read and go “WTF?!” Well, that’s the ultimate goal anyway. I am sure there will be many grammatical errors and maybe a few spelling mistakes. Honestly, who cares? If I’m too illiterate, jog on. I just want to write this shit out… can i say shit? Not sure, but i did. If i write this uh.. “stuff” out. It won’t be constantly stuck in my head. It won’t just be my thoughts playing over and over again – I’ll be passing it on for you suckers to worry about. Heck, i might even get a few hours sleep at night. Whatever helps really. What better therapist than the internet? ✌


Author: justplainjasmine

This blog will give you the good, the bad and the ugly of my boring country life. Welcome...

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